Coronavirus update and call for help for our Maasai community

There have thankfully been no cases of coronavirus in our Community.  The local economy is however severely affected due to lockdowns and the closure of businesses in the county.  The result is that many Maasai cannot afford to send their children back to school – most parents have no income and live from hand-to-mouth at the moment.  RedTribe is subsidising school fees so that all the children can come back to school.

RedTribe is also helping the poorest families who have lost everything to plant maize & beans so that they can feed their families. We’ve ploughed and provided the seeds for 58 families but need to help another 27 families.

To plough and plant 2 Acres of maize & beans cost £65 and feeds a family for 1 year. If £65 is a stretch, then £25 will cover the cost of the seeds.

Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated

Thank you

Our Team in Maasai Land made this video that explains how they are helping –

We’ve set up a Virgin giving Page that explains the Project and allow you to give –


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