Dental Implants Training Course For Busy Dentists Launches on 23rd March 2019

VSSAcademy recognises that many dentists wish to acquire the skills of being able to deliver dental implants treatment to their patients, but feel that taking time off from their busy practice makes it difficult. Precisely for overcoming this dilemma, the “Certificate in Implant Dentistry” course was created by VSSAcademy.

This hands-on practical implant training course contains 12 modules that are going to be held over 11 Saturdays (and 1 Friday) from March till December 2019 in London. As most dentists don’t work on Saturdays, this course will enable the trainee dentists to experience the satisfaction of acquiring a new sought-after skill with almost no time lost at work as well as negligible loss of income. Some dentists have estimated that their lost revenues would have been in the region of £70,000, if they had attended the same course on regular working days.

More information about VSSAcademy can be found here:

The course covers everything a dentist needs to learn and understand in order to start placing implants safely in their practice under supervision within one year. The students start placing implants on models, then pigs’ heads, then human cadavers and then on real patients in their practice.

The relevant topics are run sequentially in the course, building on the module before. Each training Saturday starts with lecture and discussion in the mornings followed by hands-on work and discussions in the afternoon.

Many past students have found the full day of training working on fresh cadaver heads to be a highly useful learning experience. Students perform implant placement, GBR (Guided Bone Rgeneration) and even sinus lift. Students work in pairs on each fresh cadaver head. This means that they have an intensive learning experience, because when a student is not performing surgery on the cadaver head, they are assisting their partner student. This is a brilliant and rare opportunity to work on fresh cadaver heads and the feedback from past students has been outstanding. Here is a video testimonial about the cadaver course:

The training course also includes a two-day Cone Beam Computed Tomography course (CBCT) which fulfils the UK requirements and means that the students will not need to do this as an extra course. VSSAcademy sends each student onto a 2-day masterclass at a venue and on a date, which best suits the student. This is done before the course completes and ideally early on to enable good assimilation. Dates are provided to the students after they complete registration.

Students also spend a full laboratory day to develop an understanding of best practices in dentist-lab co-working as well as the full potential of the digital workflow in a dental practice.

Dr Fadi Barak, the Course Director stated: “Students are encouraged to look for suitable, straightforward implant cases from day one in the course, starting with case selection and treatment planning, run under my supervision. Students can expect to begin with implant placement by module 4/5, which will be in June/July 2019 timeframe. We can support students by providing them with a clinical mentor, but they are not required to use a VSSAcademy mentor. They can opt to get their clinical mentorship elsewhere.”

For students seeking a Master Degree in Dental Implantology, they will be pleased to know that the Certificate in Implant Dentistry course by VSSAcademy is also recognised as Approved Prior Experiential Learning by UCLan and therefore forms part of the pathway onto the 3rd year of the 3-year UCLan MSc in Dental Implantology. It is expected to be approved as APEL for year 2 of the new 2-year MSc in Clinical Implantology soon.

Dentists interested in acquiring implantology skills and qualifications can register online for the course by visiting the following link:


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