The VSSAcademy was founded by Dr Fadi Barrak who has been mentoring and training dentist colleagues since 2002. As a dental practitioner seeking to further his career through upgrading his own skills, Fadi realised that fellow practitioners frequently find it hard to get out of the box of the daily practice routine to expand their skill base – just like Fadi himself did. Out of this realisation and the personal satisfaction that he gets from teaching, Fadi decided to create VSSAcademy. The courses offered by VSSAcademy aim to help fellow practitioners learn new dental skills and treatments whilst protecting and not disrupting their ongoing dental practice time and work. Most courses are offered over the weekend. VSSAcademy now boasts a large pool of alumni dentists and many amazing visiting lecturers flank Fadi for delivering academic and practical hands-on trainings as well as personalised coaching and mentoring.

Our team

We’ve selected a group of complementary lecturers with a wealth of experience who are passionate about their subject and teaching.

Professor StJohn Crean
Visiting Lecturer
Dr Carl Horton
Lecturer, Mentor, Course Director & Clinician
Dr Colin Burns
Dr José Zurdo
Training Centre Supervisor and Faculty
Dr Manoj Bhatia
Training Centre Supervisor and Faculty

VSSAcademy team

Zoe Miller
Business Development and Marketing Manager
Amy Lewis
Postgraduate Student Support and Administrative Manager
Alan Goldie
Managing Director